Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Night Slipcovers

Donna over at Funky Junk Interiors is having a slipcover feature for her Saturday Night Special party.  Since I love to slipcover anything and everything, I wanted to do a post that showed all my slipcovers.

This is a very simple slipcover for a chair in my dining room.  For a before and after, go here.

This chair was my first slipcover.  I actually remade it not long ago.  My daughter would lay on one arm while watching tv and the arm was practically threadbare.  The back wasn't much better.  I had extra fabric, so I took it apart and replaced the worn peices.

A view from the back.

I call this a table slipcover.  You can see the tutorial here.

And I slipcovered a stool to go with the chair.  Tutorial here.

This chair was a dumpster find.  The back is upholstered and the seat is slipcovered.

Love to slipcover lampshades. 

Lampshade tutorial here.

And finally, a blue and white slipcover for my blue and white guest rooom shown here.

It was fun looking back at all my slipcovers.  Now I'm off to see what everyone else has made.



  1. What is the floral fabric on the second chair? It's really lovely!

  2. Mi piacciono molto le lampade.Rosetta

  3. They are all so pretty, Janet! I am not brave enough to try slipcovers on my own. Love the table and lampshade slipcovers!

  4. I love all the slipcovers you have made, especially the little stool. So cute! The pillow on the first chair is darling! Love it!

  5. All of ur slipcovers are gorgeous! The toile table would go quite well in my guest room, lol. Great job!

  6. I love how you pull things together. There is an award waiting for you over at my blog.
    'hugs from afar'