Monday, May 30, 2011

White Table With Sheet Music Lined Drawer

I found this small table (or is it a desk?) on Craigs List.  I played it safe, and painted it white.

This is a picture of the table before.

For the top, I just applied a few layers of Briwax dark brown.  I really love to use wax on a very worn surface.  It turns the imperfections into a beautiful patina.  Here it is in the process.

The drawer had lots of  "imperfections", too, so I lined it with sheet music.  A glass knob was the final touch.

These two gold pieces got a makeover in white as well.

And here they are in my booth.

This is the booth after the addition of my more shabby chic items.  I used the screen to divide the space.  I have a "French" side and a "romantic" side.

I enjoy both styles, so I plan on doing some of each.  I'm a little behind with my posts.  I have several projects completed that I hope to show soon.  In the meantime, I will be joining some of the parties on my sidebar.  Please go and visit.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweet and Shabby Rocking Chair

I found this small rocking chair that was in perfect condition.  It was just so boring in its current state and I wanted to do something fun with it.

Since it was small, I thought it would be perfect for a girl's room.  Of course I chose pink paint.

It needed a soft, comfy seat.  I wanted to upholster the seat, but due to technical difficulties, I decided to just make a seat cover.

This pink and white toile was just too sweet to pass up.  This was actually made from a shower curtain that I found at a thrift store.  I've had a lot of trouble finding fabric lately, so I started looking for window treatments, sheets, napkins, and clothing that can be used for home dec projects.

I just love this rocker.  It's going to my booth and I hope some little (or big) girl falls in love with it, too.

I'll be joining some parties so see my side bar for all the links.