Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Are You A Pinkster?

I know I am. I dream in pink. I had to contain a little squeal of delight when I saw the cover of the latest issue of House Beautiful magazine.

Don't you just love the affirmation of seeing your favorite decorating color on the cover of a magazine?  Of course all the pink rooms are very sophisticated and beautiful, not at all Barbie-like.

Just look at all those pinks.  I could never pick a favorite.

There was a wonderful article called confessions of a born-again pinkster by Carol Prisant.

"Pink is expressive.  Pink is eccentric.  Pink is witty.  Pink is wonky.  Pink is good for the heart.  Pink is so...pink!!"

She also says that "Pink takes guts".

I wish I had the "guts" to do pink walls.  I know I would love them.

Don't worry if you're not a pinkster.  There was something for just about everyone in the magazine.

All red and white and weathered.

Soothing whites.  Love that dress form.

So tell me.  What is your favorite color to decorate with?  Do you use it with "guts" or are you a little bashful, like me?


  1. I love pink, too, Janet! Although I'm not into doing any walls in pink, I do wear it a lot! And I wouldn't be opposed to getting a pink chair {like the one on my sidebar}.

  2. I'm a red girl...
    LOVE your cutecutecute blog!
    Really enjoyed my visit!

  3. I love pink but over here in the UK we have no good pink paintes available, you can only find the garrish hot pinks or sickly pinks. Can you tell me if the magazine says what company produces those paints? Particularly number 4 I think...

  4. WOW..you did an awesome job on the dress form!
    Pink "IS" the color with a dash of blue.

  5. I love color! Can't choose which one I love most.
    Great Blog! Your very inspiring. I am revamping an old blog now to catch up on my new life, your site is very inspirational for me to get back to the things I so loved to do....decorate! Thanks!