Sunday, May 2, 2010

~Basement Challenge #2 - Footstool~

Well, I'm continuing the challenge to clean out my basement by bringing up one piece at a time.

This was an old footstool from our previous home.

I gave it a coat of stick-to-anything primer.

A coat of paint.

And then, because I wanted it to be poof-y, and plush-y, and posh-y, I added a pillow to the top.

Then I covered it with quilt batting to hold it in place and smooth the edges.

And do you remember my "Faux French Linen"? You can see how I made it here.  I used the extra fabric and the same painting technique to make the slipcover.

So for zero dollars, I have a "new" footstool.

Tea anyone?

I'm going on a trip for a few days, so I haven't decided on challenge #3 yet. 

I'll be sharing at:

Show Off Your Cottage Monday
Metamorphosis Monday



  1. That turned out just adorable!

  2. Love the remake!!! Pretty one


  3. Great job and this could fit in many styles of homes. I love that you used a pillow to add the puff! I will be trying that soon!

  4. Janet,
    What a great job!
    Thanks for sharing the supplies that you used and I love the fact that you added a pillow to the top to make it poofy!
    Great job!

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  6. Oh my gosh! I will never look at an ugly old footstool the same way again. Yours is amazing!

  7. Just darling and I love how you used a bed pillow on top to give it softness!!

    Susan and Bentley

  8. Love that cover for the stool. Very simple. Jane F

  9. Super cute. Love that you used a pillow for "cushyness". Looks fantastic. :)

  10. That turned out so great! Thanks for sharing the pillow hint!

  11. Good idea on the pillow! Thanks for sharing. Looks great!

  12. Hello! Your stool looks great and I LOVE that chair that the stool is in front of -- It's so pretty and romantic!
    Best regards,

  13. Get out! That is so cool! I love what you did and it looks so sweet and fresh and totally renewed. I am going to have to try your "French linen" technique.

  14. Wow! That is an amazing transformation. 0 dollars? You're kidding!

  15. What a GREAT transformation! And I'm loving your basement challenge because I need to finish some projects as well! :)

  16. ps- did you make the slipcover on your wingchair? it's gorgeous! And I love your rocker in the backround! I have almost the identical fabric in my basement and I'm going to either redo my settee with it or a chair! :)

  17. Amazing what some white paint can do! it never ceases me to amaze me... and I have to say that the first thing that gets my attention every time I come here is that lovely lovely blog banner of yours! ;) I'm in love... and by the way, I have that same stone pot. I didn't put flowers in it, thought... I have it in the kitchen holding my kitchen utensiles... ;) Isn't it just lovely!

    I hope you'll decide to participate in our Victorian Tea Party this coming Mother's Day... is going to be so much fun... and you have the loveliest teacups to show... so what are you waiting... send me a photograph of your fav. teacup! ;)

    Have a great day my dear


  18. It turned out so cute! Love the ruffle on the bottom.

  19. You moderned that little foot stool right up! Great! Lezlee

  20. cute! Isn't it fun? and for no extra money too...great job! Loved that hat on the manny a few posts's just gorgeous!