Tuesday, March 23, 2010

~Table Vignette~

How long ago was Christmas?  Well I just put this table back in the bare corner where the Christmas tree stood.

I made the cover for the table, but it just needed something.  One day I found this red and white square at the antique mall and knew it would be perfect.  I just love the initials.  I often wonder about the history of the old pieces I buy.  If only they could talk.


I added some old books and a print.  The frame was from a thrifting trip and the print was between the pages of a "How to Paint Roses" book I bought.

The cloche holds a picture of my Grandmother.

This birdcage was the  reason I put up the table.  I love it, but it was too big and didn't really fit anywhere, so I made a spot for it.   And of course it needed a bird.

A pair of old shutters make a nice backdrop.

I'm going to be sharing this for Table Top Tuesday and 2nd Time Around.



  1. I always to like to see people decorate with books. It tells a lot about a home.

  2. Janet,
    It looks fabulous! Love the birdcage & the old books! I am on the lookout for a neat birdcage cuz my little Allie keeps asking for a parakeet.....???? messy? more work for mom??? sound of a sweet little bird singing??? I dunno.... :)

    Thanks so much for coming by my site today & commenting on my bedroom reveal! I'm so glad you did so you could see my bench w/ the paint color you recommended....my goodness that is such a fabulous pink!!! I'm thinking about doing my older daughter's room in it.

    Take care :)


  3. Very pretty, Janet. I love the bird cage, so unique. Deb

  4. So gorgeous! I am saving this so I can try to recreate this on one of my tables too. Love everything!

  5. I love it all!
    As I was filling my dining hutch I needed a little change in height to display some of my Hummel figurines, so I set them up on piled books. Many compliments followed :) Have a great day.

  6. Such a lovely table. I probably need someone to come to my house and decorate for me... I just don't have the talent to make pieces come together the way you do.

  7. Beautiful vignette. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture of your mom in the cloche. It is gorgeous. The birdcage, books and the picture are all so pretty together. Beautifully done. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  8. Your table vignette looks fabulous. Love the picture of your grandma! That is a perfect spot for your birdcage and the shutters really finish the look. It's beautiful.

  9. Beautiful vignette. Great choice with the vintage cloth. I love the birdcage.

  10. Janet- this turned out just lovely! I especially love your grandmother's photo to make it extra special! And I love the nasturtiums print and the redwork...oh I just love it all...

  11. I like books that are worn out ^_^. I like how you arrange your table it's pretty and with your grandma's picture it's special. Thanks for sharing!

    2nd time around: Vision wares

  12. Gorgeous! I need to learn how to decorate with books. I have many vintage novels from my FIL and his parents' library. They are all beautiful and meaningful, but I need to learn to display them!

    Love your birdcage too...sitting the bird on a stack of books is genius :)

  13. I just love your birdcage! I;ve been on the look out for a nice one and yours is just lovely! Love the whole look of the table and the pic of your grandma! take care, Maryann

  14. The bird cage is fantastic...I would give it is own special table too. Your vignette is filled with so many delightful items.
    504 Main

  15. That is such a sweet picture in the cloche...I love the new vignette...and Christmas was just last week wasn't it?! LOL! I'm with ya, girl!
    THANKS for the sweet comments!

  16. Hello, my name is Lou Cinda and I am your newest stalker!

    This is fab-u-lous!! Love the bird on the books in the cage! Love that idea! The whole thing is stunning and your grandmother is too! Beautiful!

    Lou Cinda :)