Tuesday, March 9, 2010

~A Day of Decorating Disasters~

Did you ever just have one of those days?  It was finally my day off, and I was going to get some projects done.  I started out with this...

And ended up with this...

It actually looks ok in the picture, but there is ugly green velvet between the frame and the painting.

So, what to do with it?  Why not paint it?

Don't paint it.  Now I had no choice but to take it apart. Why not tear off the fabric?

Don't tear off the fabric.  It won't come off. 

I wanted to paint this table...

But when I put on the first coat it turned pink, very pink, and the smell!!  I guess  someone had stripped the table and the chemicals were still on there.  At this point, I probably should have stopped and stripped it back down myself.  But some primer will fix anything, right?  Wrong.  However, I'm on my third coat and I see hope.

So tomorrow I'll go to the fabric store and get some fabric to recover the frame and put yet another coat of paint on the table.  Wish me luck.



  1. Oh how I hate those kind of days. They can make you nuts. Good luck tomorrow. Hope it goes better. Hugs, Marty

  2. Yes I have had those kind of days too. Sounds like you have things under control now and will soon have wonderful finished projects to share.

  3. Somedays nothing seems to work...I head off for a big cup of coffee!

  4. Oh the dreaded pink showing through...it's from the wood...some types just bleed through (something about the tannin acid-so my husband says-he's a painter and knows these things!) Are you using latex? If so, try switching to an oil-base primer (like cover-stain in a spray can) and then keep going...it should cover *soon*!

    Yes, I do have *lots* of those kind of days1

  5. Oh, I loved this post - you just described SO many of all of our days!!! :)