Monday, November 2, 2009

Work Before Play

This is good advice, but I don't always follow it-especially when it comes to an unpleasant project.  Today I was good and went down to the basement to clean and organize.  I was rewarded for my effort when I found this cute red and white apron that I bought quite a while ago, but could never find due to my basement "dis-organization".   So after I worked, I started to play.

I was thrilled when I found this dress form at the antique mall.  She seems to have had a hard life and may have even survived a fire?  But she's still beautiful, right?  


Beautiful or not, she could use something to wear.  I have an apron cut out to sew, but just haven't had time to make it.   I had an idea for a quick fix.   I took a leftover piece of fabric and draped it around her neck, added the red and white apron, and she was ready for her debut.

Sometimes it really does pay to work before you play.


  1. Hi Janet...thanks for stopping by for a visit. I love the dress form, what a great shabby friend to have around! ~xo~ Janet

  2. ooo very nice. i want a dress form too! so i can make my necklaces much easier... i wonder if i can find a vintage one...

  3. My first visit and I have enjoyed it. I also enjoy decorating my home. The dress form looks nice. I have always wanted one but have never came across one that was for sell. I sew and it would be handy to have. Thanks for sharing.


  4. What fun! And I seriously love that chippy hutch. Thanks for stopping by :o)

  5. I love it! Your craft room looks so adorable too! I loooove the hutch....and I really want to find a dress form! I'm glad I found your blog...anxious to see your coming posts!