Sunday, July 11, 2010

Resale Love

Style For A Song

I found  two suitcases at a local resale shop for five dollars (yes, for both) . 

I also found two platters the same day.

The large platter was five dollars and the smaller one was four dollars.

These platters are large. The larger one is huge and the smaller one is big.  And the patina is awesome.

I added a couple of suitcases I already had, stacked them up, and put the largest platter on top.

They are tucked in a corner in the great room.

What is it about vintage suitcases that is so romantic?

And don't ya just love it when two finds work together?  And don't ya just love when you end up with a new table, shelf, or platter that needs to be filled?  I'm not sure how I'm going to finish the platter, but for now I have a photo of my Grandmother and a couple of pitchers.


I love parties, so here's the list:

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  1. Love the stacked suitcases...great find!

  2. I love the suitcases! The platters are fabulous also, isn't it fun finding such great things thrift shopping?

  3. Love your suitcases! I have a vintage one that I store fabric in that is displayed on my coffee table in my studio. I got the idea after going to a quilt show and seeing several vendors displaying their fabric in vintage luggage. Great find!

  4. I love those wonderful white platters. The one with the precious photo of your grandmother and the little pitchers is huge!

    I love the vintage suitcases too.


  5. how awesome is that!!! Love the suitcases!!

    Keep on Junkin!

  6. Hi Janet! Oh, this looks so pretty! Love your platters and how you've used the suitcases as a table!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Oh!!! I just noticed that fringe on your lamp too!!! Love it!

  8. Love,love the suitcases and platters. Great finds.

  9. They're all fabulous together!

    I always think of the amazing stories those old suitcases could tell...

  10. What a nice idea....and everything looks wonderful together. Don't we just love having pic's of our grandmothers...nice frame too. She was a BEAUTY.

    Speaking of the rose cup in your header for sale by chance ?
    Really LOVE IT.


  11. Very beautiful, love the vintage suitcases!

  12. You are so lucky girl ! Love them all !

  13. What a great look using the vintage suitcases!!
    I have one that was my mother's. I have to empty it out and then put it out!!


  14. This looks absolutely AWESOME, Janet! I love your olden suitcases..they looks so neat, stacked. If I lived close, I would come over and try to arm wrestle you for those 2 platters. I LUV them both.
    xo bj

  15. Suitcases are fabulous....and the price!!!! I just love old platters and these look so old....aged to perfection. The pitchers look lovely with the picture!!

  16. Love your stacked suitcases with the platter holding creamers and the picture of your grandmother.

  17. I totally love your style, your home is filled with much beauty and peaceful corners, and I love it here. Thanks for participating in our "Show Off Your Cottage Monday" and letting us into your lovely home...


  18. I just looked at a great picture in a magazine using old suitcases and now yours. Hmmmm may have to start looking for suitcases. They are such great storage solutions.

  19. i love old suitcases especially the texture of the bag and chippy patina.. in fact I collect old bags but more to school bags.. and like yours, stacking all of them at the corner..

    and your corner vignette just lovely!

  20. What a wonderful collection of suitcases! I have one and always on the lookout for more!