Saturday, February 6, 2010

~Fabric Folding Screen~

What T.V.?  Do you see a T.V.? 

There it is.  This was my problem.  I have been searching for some kind of armoire for the television in my bedroom, but nothing was just right or fit into my budget.  I decided to move it into the corner and build a fabric screen.  I used a Waverly fabric that I bought many years ago, at some great price that I don't remember.  I have many yards of it.  So, for the price of some inexpensive lumber, I was able to hide my little problem.

I made three panels.  Two sides and the bottom were made from 1x2 pine boards.  I made the sides 6 feet tall and cut the center to make the width 24 inches. 

For the top piece,  I cut one continuous shape from a 1x6 pine board.  I drew a paper pattern, traced it onto the board, and cut out with a jigsaw.  I then cut the board into three 24 inch pieces.

I attached the boards together with corner braces and L brackets.

I cut the fabric about 5 inches wider than the screen and stapled it to the back, pulling the fabric tightly.  I matched the pattern of the fabric across all three panels, just like wallpapering.  I decided to use folding screen hinges, or double action hinges, so that the screen could be folded back and forth in any direction.  I'm glad I decided to do that, it makes the screen much more versatile. 

Soo...,  after getting blisters from my staple gun, stapling the fabric to the wrong side of a panel, and replacing the hinges because I had never heard of  "double action" hinges,  I finally finished my screen.

After spending so much time on this project, I really want to share it.  I'll be linking to:

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  1. I love it! The material is beautiful! Great job

  2. Oh my.. that turned out so awesome! Gorgous material! Loved your tutorial! This one's a keeper for my files!

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!

    FJ Donna

  3. Good for you.....I just love that you made it yourself!

  4. Gorgeous material you've used. I also love what it was built for. Great idea.

  5. I love that screen & the material you used is just fabulous, how creative of you.


  6. Oh, gosh. I'd been thinking about doing something like that. I have a new little crafting corner in my finished basement that I would like to make a little more private. Boy, am I glad you posted this. Now I know how to go about it. Thanks so much. Rosie

  7. Great job! The material you selected is gorgeous.

  8. Just love it - great job !

  9. That is really pretty! love the fabric!

    Visiting from Cottage Instincts!

  10. Wow! I can't believe you built that from scratch. It looks fabulous. Love that Waverley fabric too.

    I'm hosting a weekly link party and would love to have you come on over and link this project up!

  11. Wow looks beautiful you are so talented