Friday, December 18, 2009

~Santa and Toys~

I know I said I was finished with my Christmas decorating, but I promised myself that I would put Santa out this year.  I made him about twelve years ago and he has stayed in a box for the last ten.
I stopped putting him out because I thought he was too country and homespun.  Well, I thought other people would think he was.  Now, I realize none of that matters, as long as I like it.  And I do!

Many, many hours were put into this.

Torn strips of muslin for beard and hair, clothes made from my hubby's old jeans, and glasses shaped from wire.

The doll is my favorite.  I have always loved dolls.

The bear is the only thing I didn't make, I just made her dress.

I hope Santa never spends another Christmas in the box.  I really do enjoy him.

I'm joining Cindy for Show and Tell Friday.



  1. Janet,
    I am glad that you came to your senses and let that precious Santa out of the box!! He is absolutely adorable!
    Merry Christmas

  2. What a wonderful Santa, and made more special because you made him and his friends. He should always be part of your Christmas - you did some great work on him!
    Merry Christmas! Sonnie

  3. Helloooo, 10 years? HE is so cute, how could you leave him for 10 years!! So sweet that the fabrics are from your hubs clothes...I love that!

  4. Such loveliness has me swooning with happy sighs.

  5. I'm glad you took him out of the box. He is precious.